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Studio & Production Services

Production Services

Here at NLT we fully appreciate how important your material is to you as an artist. As such, we will do our best to work with you to realise your musical ideas, ensuring you leave our studios with a bespoke, quality product from original productions, through to mixing and mastering.

Online Services

At NLT Productions we cater for the modern project studio creatives by offering an efficient and reliable online mixing and mastering service.



Session Hire

The NLT Productions team of fully qualified engineers and producers can provide you with a bespoke studio service,
tailor-made to meet all of your creative needs including:


Production Session

Recording Session

Mixing Session


According to your specific requirements, we will incorporate all aspects of service
from single ad­hoc sessions to a full studio album recording and anything in between.


Consultation, Recording and Mixing

Start at £60 for 4 hours and are charged at £15 an hour thereafter.


A bespoke production starts at £150 for
4 hours and is charged at £30 per hour thereafter.

Ready-made productions are available for sale or lease from £60


Digital mastering: £30 per track or full
projects from £180

Analogue mastering: £50 per track or full projects from £250

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